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Murals is a formal name that includes all the Marsh Stogies and other advertisements painted on the sides of old buildings as well as more artistic paintings. Photos (and location information) are needed of all!

BridgeportPO-Mural600pi.jpg 1940 Bridgeport Post Office murals inside the building.

Civic-center-mural-FtHenry-700.jpg 1986: Murals inside WesBanco Arena - 1986 September 20

19xx: Mosaic on wall of xx building on 14th(?) Street

RogersSign-closeup500.jpg 19xx: Rogers Fireproof Hotel Sign

MarshStoogies-Whl-600pi.jpg 19xx: Marsh Stogies Sign, 1000 Main St

Prof-Bld-sign400pi.jpg 19xx: Professional Building Sign, 1300 Market St

Baer-elberBiscuitSign-500.jpg 19xx: Felber Biscott Co. Sign, 1600 Main St (Baer Bldg).

ElecContSupSign500pi.jpg 19xx: Electrical Contractors Supply Co. Only? painted sign for existing company; at 18th and Market streets, sign on back of building.

Market&24th-CC-flagmural-500.jpg 19xx: US flag tile mural, CC Bar, 24th & Market

747Market-NesbitGrocSign400.jpg 19xx: D.S. Nesbitt Grocer sign, 747 Market St