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Every place has some unusual features that aren't easily categorized - this is a page for them - with pictures and explanations needed. Please add the ones you know of. Thanks!

  • Circus on Suspension Bridge
  • Domes - only a few buildings in Wheeling have domes as part of their roof structures - I'll add a domes page as soon as those buildings are identified - please let me know where the domes are in Wheeling!
  • Haunted bridges and buildings
  • Labyrinth - see Saint Joseph
  • Mt Wood Castle/Overlook - Photos
  • Quote from Meriwether Lewis: Wheeling is a pretty considerable Village contains about fifty houses and is the county town of Ohio (State of Virginia) it is situated on the east side of the river on an elivated bank; the landing is good. just below the town and on the same side [close] by Wheeling creek emtys itself into the Ohio, on the point formed by this creek and the river stands an old stoccade fort, now gone to decay; this town is remarkable for being the point of embarkation for merchants and Emegrants who are about to descend the river, from the Journal of Captain Meriwether Lewis. See Sept 7 thru 9 for Wheeling. A more scholarly version is now online from the University of Nebraska.
  • Suicide Hill Overlook
  • Sweeney Tomb - originally contained huge glass vase, now at Olgebay Museum.
  • Waterfalls
  • Deepest well in the world drilled in Boggs Run, as reported by May 23, 1891 NY Times. Experimental well, drilled in association with the Smithsonian Institution, was to reach 5,800 ft. Why was it drilled - what was experimental about it?
  • Wetzel Cave
  • Wheeling Creek Wall - p 29 Stout (2006)
  • Woodsdale Overlook