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These are buildings or other features that I do not know the location of.

House&Herrmann-small.jpgHouse & Hermann, Wheeling Directory 1911, page 323.JPG
House and Herrmann Outfitters plate from Thad Podratsky collection.
Where was this store?

AOUW-temple-small.jpgAOWU Temple part 2, Wheeling Directory 1911, page 50.jpg
AOUW Temple plate from Thad Podratsky collection.
Ancient Order of United Workmen, a fraternal benefits society, apparently a predecessor to insurance companies; where is/was this building?

I asked the questions of where these pictured placers are a few years ago, but now in July 2014, Pat Spiegel, whose family used to live in Wheeling from 1880 to 1928, sent me these pages from a 1911 Wheeling Directory to help.