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19th Street - now isolated on the south side of the big turn Highway 250 takes through south Wheeling - is a street of old manufacturing buildings. The two most imposing are:

Sterling Drug Building

(Demolished in 2013 or 14)
This building, on 19th Street, is said to have been used to produce Bayer aspirins before the company moved to Pittsburgh. Apparently, as part of the reparations from World War I Wheeling received the patent to produce Bayer aspirins. This building has a wonderful facade with the brown brick surrounded by white marble. I wonder if the two columns from the 3rd to the 5th floor are the tallest in Wheeling? I need to go back later in the day to rephotograph it when the Sun is shining on the front.

Jeanne Finstein has provided this information: The building was built by contractor Ralph R. Kitchen (who built numerous other important buildings in Wheeling in the 1920s, including the Capitol Music Hall). Sterling Drug did buy out Bayer during WWI, and went on to make lots of money in the drug business. We have a lot of information on William Weiss, one of the founders of Sterling Drug.

More info
In 2008 the side windows were bricked over, forever darking the interion.

Red Factory

I don't know what company/ies used to own this building but it is too beautiful to ignore just because I don't know its name!
It is on the corner of Jacob and 19th Street, in the next block west from the Sterling Drug Building.
The backside of the building with railway tracks and graffiti.

112-19th Street

Built 1900