WesBanco Arena

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Panoramic view of front of arena and looking east up 14th Street.

Murals Inside Civic Center

As a civic center the WesBanco Area does have various plaques, displays and murals commemorating Wheeling's past but they are mere background and not easily observed. There are two large painted murals and a similar size mosaic mural.

The most famous event depicted - and most easily seen mural is of the Second Battle of Ft Henry in 1782, with Betty Zone running back into the fort with an apron full of gunpowder that she brought from a nearby blockhouse. Here is a detailed investigation of Betty's run, and here are drawings of it.


The second painted mural - nearly impossible to see from the main floor - go up the stairs - is of the 1861 Wheeling Convention (held in the Customs Building) that declared West Virigina a separate state from Virginia.


The final mural, over a concession stand, is a mosaic depicting the Ohio River, the Suspension Bridge and other features.