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History Links

Here is a growing list of links to history of the Wheeling area. In time each of these will be tied to a page about the place where the history happened. Most of these are from LOC - Library of Congress. For now, this is a repository - add some links yourself. - tychocrater Jun 23, 2007

Joseph L. Wilde


History of Wheeling During the Past Forty Years - (ND, 1887 or later)
Chuck Julian found and had scanned this little known book. He also provided this biographical information from the Bethany College archivist:

A superb account by Wilde, who begins this history in January 1837, when he arrived in Wheeling. Wilde, who is not listed in the 1839 city directory (which itself contains a good summary of the city at that time), is described in the directory for 1851 as a professor of music, and in the 1856 and 1876 directories as a book-and-stationery dealer (entry showed the firm's name as "Wilde & Bro.," with E. L. Wilde as the brother). This history was included in the directory for 1879, a fine description of Wheeling in 1815). Wilde's recollections provide much that is not found elsewhere. Rare.

Bank of Wheeling, 1229 Main St; 1892

1977 photos/drawings at LOC

Centre Market Square

1976 study at LOC
LOC images from 1976

Indpendence Hall, Wheeling

Statehood history
Custom House drawings, Library of Congress

Bridge on Old National Trail

Built before 1826, LOC

184 Zane St, House

LOC photos

Jacob Dick House, 393 National Road

LOC photos

Medical Tower Building, Twelfth & Main Streets

LOC photos

Not a history link but full of statistics

WV Memory Project - Wheeling Photo Index

Civil War - WV

West Virginia History Heroes

Ryan Stanton's Wheeling history blog

Joanne Sullivan's outstanding images of historic structures visited during Friends of Wheeling monthly tours.