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Wheeling Streets

History is about places - as well as people, events, things and ideas - so one way to organize information - especially architectural - is by streets. Here is an index page of the streets of Wheeling and nearby areas. Street names will be added from time to time as new information about things on those streets is added by me - or you!

Chapline Street - Federal Building, Ft Henry Club, Victorian homes
Edgewood Street - Etz Mansion
Edgington Lane
Eoff Street - St Joseph Cathedral
Hamilton Avenue - Children's Home of Wheeling (demolished)
Highland Park - a compact treasure!
Jacob Street - Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Main Street - "main street" of historic Wheeling; downtown and Victorian homes
Market Street - McClure Hotel, Independence Hall, Centre Market
McColloch Street - Imperial Pool
National Road - oldest main road in Wheeling
Rock Point Road - road over the hill east of central Wheeling
Water Street - Hotel Windsor, river front
Wood Street
11th Street
12th Street - Board of Trade and Court Theater
13th Street - Cathedral Chancery
14th Street - Scottish Rite Temple
15th Street - Elks Home
16th Street - English Lutheran Church
17th Street - Wheeling Wholesale Grocery
18th Street - Old Greyhound Bus Station
19th Street - Sterling Drug Building
20th Street - YMCA/Maxwell Building, Second Presbyterian Church
21st Street -
22nd Street
Other Streets of Interest

Nearby Places

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