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Martin's Ferry

A small town with a traditional Main Street, just across the Ohio and north a few miles on Highway 7. Has cemetery with Betty Zane and other historic burials.

Grace Presbyterian Church

7 N. 4th St., Built 1901 - beautiful interior too!


4th St

Greek Church of Zoodochos Peghe (Life-Giving Fountain)

314 N. 5th St.

First Presbyterian Church

400 Walnut St.

Pike Island Locks and Dam

On Highway 2 a few miles north of the Warwood area of Wheeling.
Image from US Army Corps of Engineers

Historically, the Ohio has often been too shallow to permit transport. Snags and other obstacles sometimes obstructed traffic. Starting in 1824 the US Corps of Engineers has dredged the river and during the late 1890s through 1929 a series of 50 locks and dams were built, including the one near Wheeling. These two activities - locks and dredging - insured that the river would be 9 ft deep everywhere at every season. The original Pike Island lock and dam was built between 1904 and 1916. The current locks and dam were constructed between 1959 and 1965. The US Army Corps of Engineers controls the locks systems. In 2009 a lock near Louisville broke - a question now is are these 60 year old locks and dams going to enter a phase where increased maintenance is required?

McMechen, WV

Lockmasters Houses for Lock and Dam #13
Two homes at 623-625 Grant still existed in 1992 when they were added to the NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES. Are they still there? Update from June 5, 2011 No, the houses are gone and a lovely small park is there, hosting a graduation party when we drove by today.