Wheeling Island

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Wheeling Island

In many ways the heart of the city, Wheeling Island is today a mere shade of its former glory: scribbled along the walkway on the Ft Henry Bridge leading to the Island are signs saying Welcome to Drug Island. The Island has relics of grand homes from a hundred years ago, and it has long been a center for parks and recreation; some homeowners are working to bring it back. Wheeling Island has many interesting historic places to investigate and is safe to walk (daytime) and drive around exploring. Here are a few of them.

In 1836 the island was known as Columbia City, according to p. 157 of the Western Address Directory of 1837.

Note from Jan 2011: Here are some comments about the joys of living on the Island.

Google Map view of Wheeling Island

No picture exists, but an Indian mound was said to previously exist on the island according to Meier, p 3.
Belmont Covered Bridge - now gone, but memories remain
Bridgeport Iron Bridge
Flood House
Front Street - North
Front Street - South
Georgia St Bridge
Madison School
McConkey Monument
Ohio County Highway Marker
Penn Street
State Fair Grounds
Thomson Church
Virginia Street
Wheeling Downs