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History Stories by Kate Quinn

Historic Wheeling concentrates on buildings and other physical remains that can be seen and imaged as a testament to the past. But all the structures were built by people, so this part of the wiki features a few of the individuals that made the history. Many different people and societies in Wheeling have researched Wheeling's past leaders. Additionally, there are obviously many events that were important or interesting. We start with descriptions of both written by Kate Quinn, a current member of the Friends of Wheeling.

Naming the Streets of Wheeling by Kate Quinn
Reeves, Dr. James Edmund by Kate Quinn
West Virginia's First Female Doctors by Kate Quinn
Wheeling Gets All Shock Up by Kate Quinn
Billy Sunday Comes to Wheeling by Kate Quinn
Methodist Park by Kate Quinn
USS Shenandoah by Kate Quinn
Inclined to Build by Kate Quinn
The Sultana Disaster by Kate Quinn
Stratford Springs by Kate Quinn
The Effects of the 1918 Flu Epidemic on Wheeling by Kate Quinn
The Wild West Meets Wheeling by Kate Quinn
Remember the Ladies - A Look at the Woman’s Suffrage Movement in Wheeling by Kate Quinn
The Capitol Theatre by Kate Quinn
The Hancher Clock by Kate Quinn
The History of the Improved Order of Redmen by Kate Quinn
Howard Mansion by Kate Quinn

Kate's stories about architects are here

Also see Architects page.
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