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[#Churches, Hospitals, Libraries, Schools, Parks, Civic Buildings Churches, Hospitals, Libraries, Schools, Parks, Civic Buildings]
[#Churches, Hospitals, Libraries, Schools, Parks, Civic Buildings-Religious Building Religious Building]
[#Churches, Hospitals, Libraries, Schools, Parks, Civic Buildings-Cemeteries Cemeteries]
[#Churches, Hospitals, Libraries, Schools, Parks, Civic Buildings-Hospitals Hospitals]
[#Churches, Hospitals, Libraries, Schools, Parks, Civic Buildings-Schools Schools]
[#Churches, Hospitals, Libraries, Schools, Parks, Civic Buildings-Libraries Libraries]
[#Churches, Hospitals, Libraries, Schools, Parks, Civic Buildings-Civic Buildings Civic Buildings]
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Churches, Hospitals, Libraries, Schools, Parks, Civic Buildings

Every community has a variety of buildings and spaces to serve a broad public rather than just a single family or company. 

Religious Building

[/Mount%20Carmel%20Monastery Mount Carmel Monastery]
[/Church%20of%20God%20%26%20Saints%20of%20Christ Church of God & Saints of Christ]
Church of the Living Word
[/Christ%20Methodist%20Church Christ Methodist Church]
[/Edgewood%20Lutheran%20Church Edgewood Lutheran Church]
[/18th%20St%20Chapel 18th St Chapel]
[/English%20Lutheran%20Church English Lutheran Church]
[/Church%20of%20God%20%26%20Saints%20of%20Christ First Baptist Church]
First Christian Church
[/First%20Presbyterian%20Church First Presbyterian Church]
[/Fourth%20Street%20Methodist%20Church Fourth Street Methodist Church]
[/Old%20Stone%20Church Old Stone Church]
[/Jacob%20Street Our Lady of Perpetual Help Ukranian Catholic Church]
[/2215%20Chapline St John Greek Orthodox Church]
[/1200%20Chapline%20Block St John's Evangelical Protestant Church]
[/St%20James%20Catholic%20Cathedral St James Catholic Cathedral] (probably never existed - an incorrect name in References/Pyne; see St Joseph Cathedral)
[/St%20James%20Evangelical%20Lutheran%20Church St James Evangelical Lutheran Church]
St Joseph Cathedral
St Mark's Lutherian Church - site originally occupied by an Indian mound according to [/References Meier], p 2.
[/St%20Matthews%20Church St Matthews Church]
[/Church%20of%20God%20%26%20Saints%20of%20Christ St. Matthew's Episcopal Church - old]
[/St%20Michael%27s%20Church St Michael's Church]
[/Scottish%20Rite%20Temple Scottish Rite Temple]
[/20th%20Street Second Presbyterian Church] now Wheeling Christian Church
[/Thomson%20Church Thomson Church]
[/Vance%20Memorial%20Presbyterian%20Church Vance Memorial Presbyterian Church]


The Wheeling Area Genealogical Society and Ohio County Gen Web has an excellent page on local cemeteries! 
Greenwood Cemetery 1526 National Rd (Oakmont). More
[/Manchester%20Cemetery Manchester Cemetery] - Rock Point Road
[/Mount%20de%20Chantal Mount de Chantal] Cemetery - northwest of main building
[/Old%20Stone%20Presbyterian%20Church%20Cemetery Old Stone Presbyterian Church Cemetery] - Stone Church Road
[/Peninsula%20cemetery Peninsula cemetery] In 1964, bodies from part of Peninsula Cemetery were moved to Mt. Zion Cemetery to make room for the I-70 Wheeling Tunnel road.
[/Wood%20Cemetery Wood Cemetery]


[/Main%20St%20-%20100%20block North Wheeling Hospital]
[/Ohio%20Valley%20Medical%20Center Ohio Valley Medical Center]
[/Wheeling%20Female%20College City Hospital] (on site of Ohio Valley Medical Center)
[/Wheeling%20Hospital Wheeling Hospital] The original one on 15th St.


WV Division of Culture and History has a small online collection of early photos of Wheeling schools and a list of early academies which was the source for some listed here. The National Register for Historic Places Nomination Form for Wheeling Catholic Elementary School has a good history of Catholic education in Wheeling - see Sect 8).

Academy of the Visitation - incorporated Mar 14, 1850
[/Cathedral%20High%20School Cathedral High School]
[/14th%20Street Central Catholic High School]
[/Dunbar%20School Dunbar School]
[/Elm%20Grove%20Public%20School Elm Grove Public School]
[/Fulton%20Public%20School Fulton Public School] - 351 National Road, built 1915. Friends of Wheeling description
Lancasterian Academy - incorporated Oct 10, 1814
[/Lincoln%20School Lincoln School] - school for black students, founded 1880s, lasted until desegregation in 1950s.
[/Linsly%20School Linsly School]
[/Madison%20School Madison School]
[/Mount%20De%20Chantal%20Visitation%20Academy Mount De Chantal Visitation Academy]
[/Ritchie%20Elementary%20School Ritchie Elementary School]
[/St%20Joseph%20Academy%20for%20Girls St Joseph Academy for Girls]
[/Tridelphia%20School Tridelphia School]
[/Washington%20School Washington School]
[/Webster%20School Webster School]
Wheeling Academy - incorporated Feb 21, 1827
[/14th%20Street Wheeling Catholic Elementary School]
[/Wheeling%20Female%20College Wheeling Female College] - incorporated Jan 10, 1853
Wheeling Female Seminary - incorporated Jan 24, 1848 - became the Wheeling Female College and then Wheeling Hospital
[/Wheeling%20High%20School Wheeling High School] - demolished 1978
Wheeling Hospital School of Nursing - established ca 1900
[/Wheeling%20Jesuit%20University Wheeling Jesuit University]


Civic Buildings

[/Centre%20Market%20Square Centre Market Square]
[/City-County%20Building City-County Building]
[/County%20Courthouse County Courthouse]
[/Market%20St%20-%201500 Independence Hall]
[/Old%20County%20Courthouse Old County Courthouse]
[/1100%20Chapline%20Block Federal Building and Courthouse]


[/Heritage%20Park Heritage Park]
[/Olgebay Olgebay]
[/Riverside%20Park Riverside Park]
Wheeling Island Fairground
[/Wheeling%20Park Wheeling Park]


[/City%20Water%20Works City Water Works]
[/18th%20Street Old Greyhound Bus Station]